We invite you to join the Befrank community and tell us who you would like us to partner with for the year 2020 and beyond. Contact us.

How does it work?

Each ‘Start a conversation’ wine we make will have a portion of the profits donated to a charity for 2 vintages (2 years).

At the beginning of every year a 'vintage cap' will be embroidered with Be Frank in the nominated charities colours and have $20 from every sale donated to the nominated charity. In essence, we will be supporting 3 charities a year.

At the end of 2019 and the coming years we ask our Befrank community to nominate a charity that works at a grass root level to support their cause.

We always ask that we respect that everyone’s charities are worthy and valued. We ask for respect and love amongst our community with the choices we make in who we decide will be the recipient for the coming years.

Our purpose is to be sustainable and profitable so we can continue our cause of making a difference and starting conversations.

Frankly speaking, a great deal of thought, energy and money has been invested in ensuring Befrank is here for decades to come.

We are here for a bigger picture. A bigger cause. To start conversations and be frank.

Our merch:

Our 2020 Vintage cap will have $20 from every cap go to:
The charity that the Befrank community chooses.

All you need to do is email and tell us which charity you are nominating.
Yes, that simple.
The cap will be printed with the Befrank logo in the branding colours of that charity. The charity is not required to fund or outlay any money.
Befrank does it all.
Then we sell the cap nationwide starting conversations about the nominated charity all while raising funds. Sounds fun right?

What we ask is that we use all our social platforms to promote and raise awareness to ensure we get the best outcome for your charity.

Obviously, wearing the merch and the cap will spark these conversations.
Which is the whole point of the merch, to start frank conversations about things that matter.

Our wine:

A portion of our profits from our Start a conversation’ Barossa Valley, Rose
will be donated to:

Heartkids Limited Australia
Heartkids is a not-for profit charity dedicated to children and their families living with Congenital heart disease. (CHD)

HeartKids is the compass to help navigate the lifetime journey of the 70,000 Australian children, teens and adults affected by congenital heart disease.  
Our aim is to help them -and their families -to lead the most fulfilling life possible and to reach their personal goals.
We are the voice for all people impacted by congenital heart disease - the largest cause of infant death in Australia. 
Our work is focused on our four pillars of Advocacy, Information, Research and Support.

A portion of our profits from our ‘Start a conversation’ Yarra Valley, Pinot Noir
will be donated to: Macleod Refuge 

Macleod Domestic Violence Refuge has proudly operated on the Gold Coast since 1992. We provide trauma informed services through professionally qualified staff to counsel and educate women on breaking the cycle of domestic violence.  We currently have 11 independent crisis accommodation units and we are expanding in mid 2020.

As a bespoke domestic violence refuge, we listen to the needs of our women and respond with innovative programs to empower them with the skills to live a life free of violence.

These include:

  • Multicultural support
  • Trauma counselling
  • Child support therapy
  • Cooking classes
  • Swimming lessons
  • Access to gymnasium with creche
  • Edible gardens
  • Attending fun free activities on the Gold Coast.

Many of these programs rely on donated funds.